Stab In The Art

{November 6, 2011}   Weixx #7

Just a small one. ❤


{November 5, 2011}   Webixx #6!

W00t! I has a graphics tablet nao! yaaay!

{August 25, 2011}   Webmixx #5

I’m supposed to be doing other things atm, so I’ll be quick!

Love ya’ll ❤

{August 11, 2011}   Webmixx #3 and #4

Long time, no see. I have been busy. I’m going to UNI now! YAY! So I’ve been going up and down loads of stairs, and eating, A lot. Apparently Study makes you hungry. Unfortunatly you eat just enough to negate the exercise of stair climbing, rendering weightloss impossibru.

Anyways, now that I have something to keep my mental abilities exercised, somehow, my art abilities are groaning to be nurtured. I’m not up to the art part of uni, yet, so after some nagging from one of the stars, I decided to concerntrate a bit on my webcomix.. or Webmixx as I’ve taken to calling it for short.

Considering adding them to my DeviantArt… What do you think?


Thanx for watching! ❤

{March 25, 2011}   Webcomix#2

I know the colouring isn’t great. It was done on puter with a mouse. I’ll try better next time…

Hope you like it still.
EDIT: All fixed.

{March 5, 2011}   My First Web Comic

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I finally got around to it. Mind you I’ve been planning to blog for months, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyways, here it is 😀 I have a few more comic strips thought out, so hopefully this will be an ongoing adventure. 😛

webcomix01 copy

et cetera