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{October 19, 2010}   Fallen and A Sound Mind

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through town after a loverly day with my boyfriend after lunch and sitting in the Botanical Gardens. I man came up to us and said he was in a band. I was skeptical as most of the music we like is heavy metal, with the occational variants. He said that his music was a cross between Rock and orchestra, which gives it an epic-like sound. We took turns in listening on his headphones, and we decided to take a gamble, and give this man $15 for a cd.

Best $15 given to a stranger. Ever.

I love it. I put it on my mp3 and listen to it on repeat. They don’t have a record company, so they get their name out by word of mouth, and appaently talking to stange people in the streets. This is me doing my bit:

They are the perfect soundtrack to my new book.

Fallen. My mum and dad brought me the first two books of the series (the other two haven been released:'( ) less htan two weeks ago, and i’ve just finished reading the first book for the second time. I love it so much. When I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about it, or listening to music that reminds me of it. I got into a deep depression after I finished and had to wait months for the next book. For a few days I felt so sad over it. I couldn’t even go to the website without feeling like crying, just to find a release date.

This is the saddest, most beautiful and best book I’ve ever read. Even the second time through, I don’t want to put it down.


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