Stab In The Art

{May 15, 2010}   Bayonetta

Ok, I got this game this week and have played a few hours worth. I had previously played the demo numerously, and had so much fun as I used Bayonetta’s avatar to bleed roses, and fart butterflies.

Upon playing the full version, I am yet to figure out whether this game has been designed to entertain males or females. One minute you’reĀ  running and jumping, showing your crotch to the camera, and moaning… the next you are dancing to girly music, your target is a lip mark, and you grow butterfly wings when you jump.

I thought perhaps it may have been targeted at both audiences, to widen the marketing of the game, to appeal to all. If so, then I think they touched on extremes of both ways.

If anyone has any light to shed on this for me, please let me know.


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