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{June 22, 2010}   Ok, Ok, I’ll Blog.

Lately One of the two people that read my blog noticed that I haven’t blogged in a while. This is mainly because I’ve haven’t really done much lately and haven’t felt like it, and I’ve been quite Depressed about that.

I have a bunch of projects sprawlled half or less completed on my floor, and I’ve been too tired to clean. Besides the fact that I have Chronic Fatigue, I haven’t been sleeping well at night, causing me to sleep during the day, which shrinks the time I do get to do things to the time after dinner and before Bed again, being about 3-4 hours while watching tv. And that time is usually used to sort puter files, think of ideas, or doodle, which none of gets far.

About five months ago my doctors decided that I had to stop the pain medication that I’d been taking for my Chronic Back Pain, caused by scoliosis and the resulting Spinal Fusion. I still wish I could take them, but I know they were doing more harm that good, but I’d been on them for 6 years, and there was no replacement and I’m not coping too well.

So I’ve mentioned three things of my five health burdens. The other two being Fibromyalgia and Anxiety. All of which suck, and feed into each other, making it my most hated saying : “A Vicious Cycle.”

Well I’d better go, the sooner I get my washing done, the sooner I can go rest and warm up.

Thanks For Listening.


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