Stab In The Art

{March 25, 2011}   Webcomix#2

I know the colouring isn’t great. It was done on puter with a mouse. I’ll try better next time…

Hope you like it still.
EDIT: All fixed.


{March 6, 2011}   My Newly Found Love

Don’t worry, I haven’t left my boyfriend and eloped with the pool boy…. We don’t even have a pool.Pretty colours :D

But I have started collecting Copic Ciao Markers. OMG how awesome!!!! Ok, they are’t exclusively new, but they were new when I first planning on blogging about them.

For years I had seen the markers at anime conventions, advertised in the manga art books and on the net, but I hadn’t even picked them up, and I dreamed of collecting them, but I didn’t have the money. I wasn’t until I was talking to my mum, and said “I wish I could collect Copic Markers, But I’ve never had the money” She pointed out, that now I have money and I could Collect them. So that day I was going into town, so I brought my first five Markers. Three skin tones, a black and a colourless blender and so far I’ve brought two more everytime i’m in the city. So I have most basic colours so far, and I ‘ve had so much fun with them. (Incase you didn’t notice, my webcomic was coloured using them.)

It’s like drawing and painting rolled into one. A bit like drawing on the puter, without the electricity. Like Painting without the mess and colouring without lines when rendering. It’s so awesome, I love it! After looking at other peoples experiences, on the net, with Copic markers, all the feed back seems to be the same- love at first draw.

So if I actually stop buying them for two seconds, I can save up and buy them in bulk for cheaper, at the anime conventions, which would be good.

Anyways, peas out. 😛

{March 5, 2011}   My First Web Comic

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I finally got around to it. Mind you I’ve been planning to blog for months, and a bunch of other stuff. Anyways, here it is 😀 I have a few more comic strips thought out, so hopefully this will be an ongoing adventure. 😛

webcomix01 copy

{January 18, 2011}   Movies and Corsetry

A few days ago, I watched the 1945 movie, The Picture of Dorian Gray. Its such a lovely movie, and I was surprisedHurd_Hatfield_in_The_Picture_of_Dorian_Gray_trailer_cropped
to see a very young  Angela Lansbury (Murder She Wrote.) I haven’t seen the new Dorian Gray movie, yet, but I do like the original and the fact that you can imagine  how magical it would have been, as whenever they showed the picture, it was in colour, when the rest of the movie is in black and white. If you don’t know the story of Dorian Gray, you have led a sheltered life, and you need to be educated ASAP.tangled-movie-characters-03

Next awesome movie that I’ve seen lately is Tangled in 3D. I’d decided to go see this during the trailers to see Tron, when I was trying to convince my Boyfriend to see a 3D movie, and the trailer for Tangled was on, and we agreed that an animated movie would be a good idea. I’d see Despicable Me in 3D, and thought Animated movies seem to be more suited for 3D. So we went to the movies, forgetting that it was the school holidays, luckily there wasn’t many kids.
The movie itself was wonderful. It was funny, excellent graphics, a few mentions to art and crafts, and tiny ceramic Unicorns. Pascal, the chameleon was awesome, but all the main heroes were awesome. Also it was nice to finally watch a movie where the male was upfront and there was minimal sloppy kissing.


As for my creative side this week, I attempted to make a corset for the first time. I used this cute baby material in yellow with bees on it. I used two sets of instructions and mixed and matched to suit what I wanted.It worked out pretty well, except when I went to the Craft shop to get supplies, I decide to get some of that loopy lace stuff to use to thread the cord through. Unfortunately the only one I could find, I brought at $7 per metre I got home, sewed into my corset, finished it and then discovered that the loops were elastic, and would pull the next loop, so they were all deformed. Not to mention that the corset didn’t fit too well, and the next day I found the right lace stuff in another store. So that put a dampener on my sewing extravaganza.





{December 29, 2010}   Borderlands and Christmas Wishes

Hey Y’all, hope ya had a great Christmas, and visited families and ate till you couldn’t eat no more, then ateLilith Borderlands more coz they put the potato chips in front of you…. Coz i sure did! Two families, two meals and many, many crazy uncles… not really… there were lots of Crazy Aunts, too.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Hyperstrike and Snoolio for the gifts on steam, It’s very nice of you… But next time, Snoo, you don’t have to buy me my entire Wishlist 😛

Speaking of steam, I am currently hooked on the Awesomeness of Borderlands 🙂

I Picked Lilith as my beginning Character, and keep meaning to try the others, but once you’ve Phase walked, you can’t go back… Or something like that.
I don’t know whether its the weapons, the story, or the fact that its just like my dream world, where everything has a black outline, But I just really like this game!

Another game I was taken by was Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders. Its as though Graeme Base had made a Game. Its quite wonderful, and not only because it is based in the wonderful Japan<3.

I love gaming, and I love Cross stitch, so obviously this was the natural progression.

I made this pattern from sprite image myself, but there are sites you can get patterns from, like which is an awesome site.

Alternatively, you could do what i did. Open a sprite in paint, increase the image size by 500% and use blue to draw a grid onto the image, print, and stitch.

I wanted to turn this into a keyring, so I used Plastic canvas, and after I did the design, backed it with felt, and went around the edge in a matching colour. I had a problem with the corners showing, but all in all it looks ok.






Not too long ago, I noticed that my ring wouldn’t come off. I used to take it off occasionally to check that I could get it off, but over the last couple of months I’d forgotten, and my finger had swollen, until i tried, and discovered that it wasn’t going to budge.

I tried soap, moisturiser, ice and even Windex. Finally, we had to get it cut off. The ring, not my Finger.

I love the ring, it’s always been my favourite. But considering my finger’s future, it had to be done.

Before and After


This is my finger before, and after. There’s a pic of my ring, and the tool they used to get it off, which was cool.

My finger still has a tan line a week later…

As for General annoyance of the day. People who don’t sit on empty seats at the bus stop, but clamber as though they’re desperate for a seat to get on the bus. Now, I need the seat and anyone who has a problem with that can call my Physio or any one of my Doctors, but I’m also not a pushy person, so I do sit at the bus stop, meaning people standing think that because they’re in line, they have right of way over disabled people. I’m never bold enough to say anything, but occasionally when I get strange looks for sitting in a disabled area, and not getting up for middle aged people, I tend to take longer putting my ticket away a bit slower, showing off my concession card. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t sit in the disabled section on busses with a bunch of seniors on their way to weekly Bingo, but I prioritise myself on the situation, such as age, tiredness, how long they’ve been at the bus stop, stress and my own pain. Not to mention if they annoy me at the bus stop, I make it a point to step in front of them. I was thinking that everyone should be assigned a number, 1 being the highest priority, all the way down to 10, and if your number is say a 5 over a 6, you get the seat. I’d say I’m a 4 or 5. I need to sit. My back kills if I have to stand on a bus, and I can see people looking at me, and my looks of pain on the edge of tears. But no one stands. They don’t see my Disability. They don’t Understand.

{October 19, 2010}   Fallen and A Sound Mind

A couple of weeks ago, I was walking through town after a loverly day with my boyfriend after lunch and sitting in the Botanical Gardens. I man came up to us and said he was in a band. I was skeptical as most of the music we like is heavy metal, with the occational variants. He said that his music was a cross between Rock and orchestra, which gives it an epic-like sound. We took turns in listening on his headphones, and we decided to take a gamble, and give this man $15 for a cd.

Best $15 given to a stranger. Ever.

I love it. I put it on my mp3 and listen to it on repeat. They don’t have a record company, so they get their name out by word of mouth, and appaently talking to stange people in the streets. This is me doing my bit:

They are the perfect soundtrack to my new book.

Fallen. My mum and dad brought me the first two books of the series (the other two haven been released:'( ) less htan two weeks ago, and i’ve just finished reading the first book for the second time. I love it so much. When I’m not reading it, I’m thinking about it, or listening to music that reminds me of it. I got into a deep depression after I finished and had to wait months for the next book. For a few days I felt so sad over it. I couldn’t even go to the website without feeling like crying, just to find a release date.

This is the saddest, most beautiful and best book I’ve ever read. Even the second time through, I don’t want to put it down.

{September 15, 2010}   Must be almost Christmas!

Not really, but I got some Christmas Knitting patterns from Spotlight and made a Santa. Yay. He’s so cute, although he’s a bit skinny, but it’s cool. I was thinking of trying the Reindeer next.

There was a couple of problems with the pattern though.

After waist shaping, it says for Mrs. Claus knit 7 rows of white in stocking st, but then goes straight on to neck shaping, Leaving out Poor Santa’s whole torso. So basing on the picture, I added two rows of black, and four rows of Red before neck shaping.

The other problem was with the hat. It says:

Shape Top: (K2, K2Tog) to end…21sts
Work 3 Rows of Stocking St.
K2Tog to end…7sts.
Work 5 rows

Now, anyone who passes maths should know that half of 21 isn’t 7, so I added another decrease row after 3 rows of the 5 rows.

Hope this helps, If anyone needs it.



{September 15, 2010}   I Love Wool

Most people who do needlework, usually has a favourite type of wool. I love wool, but my most favourite type is varigated wool!

I love the colours and guessing which will come next and if the colours match up with the row below and makes a pattern, it’s just fun. I love Knitting the most, and I can’t wait to get home and knit a patch to see the colours unfold, and every time you knit, and change needles or stitch, the pattern is different. It’s exciting.

Some of my Wool

Let me know what your favourie wool, fabric, material etc, is. If you don’t have a favourite, tell me about someont you knows favourite, or imagine what your favorite would be if you don’t have a favourite.

Alternatively, tell me how you’d feel if you were a piece of wool.

et cetera