Stab In The Art

{February 25, 2012}   Wi #10

Is it just me? Whenever I buy the best armour for my character they are always mismatched or look horrible! Spose it reminds me to check what it looks like, in the future, before spending all my money on it.

Hope you like it 😀


{December 29, 2010}   Borderlands and Christmas Wishes

Hey Y’all, hope ya had a great Christmas, and visited families and ate till you couldn’t eat no more, then ateLilith Borderlands more coz they put the potato chips in front of you…. Coz i sure did! Two families, two meals and many, many crazy uncles… not really… there were lots of Crazy Aunts, too.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Hyperstrike and Snoolio for the gifts on steam, It’s very nice of you… But next time, Snoo, you don’t have to buy me my entire Wishlist 😛

Speaking of steam, I am currently hooked on the Awesomeness of Borderlands 🙂

I Picked Lilith as my beginning Character, and keep meaning to try the others, but once you’ve Phase walked, you can’t go back… Or something like that.
I don’t know whether its the weapons, the story, or the fact that its just like my dream world, where everything has a black outline, But I just really like this game!

Another game I was taken by was Season of Mystery: The Cherry Blossom Murders. Its as though Graeme Base had made a Game. Its quite wonderful, and not only because it is based in the wonderful Japan<3.

I love gaming, and I love Cross stitch, so obviously this was the natural progression.

I made this pattern from sprite image myself, but there are sites you can get patterns from, like which is an awesome site.

Alternatively, you could do what i did. Open a sprite in paint, increase the image size by 500% and use blue to draw a grid onto the image, print, and stitch.

I wanted to turn this into a keyring, so I used Plastic canvas, and after I did the design, backed it with felt, and went around the edge in a matching colour. I had a problem with the corners showing, but all in all it looks ok.






{September 8, 2010}   Nerves, and PokeWalker Lament.

Tomorrow… Duh Duh Duuuhhhhnnnn….

I have a speech to give explaining that the course I have been doing lately has changed my life, and how I’m all happy now. I’m so nervous. Especially the last speech/ Public Speaking that I did was my year 7 Validictory Speech, so this is worrying. But I’m not backing out, I’m too strong for that, and I’d never forgive myself. So I’ll go in, nerves and all. I’ll be fine. I went to the dentist, I can do anything!

Now, about my PokeWalker. For those of you that have one, you would know that you can only get certain Pokemon on it, and the book says that only One PokeWalker can be synced, per game. So you would understand the horror I felt to look down at my belt to discover my Pokewalker, along with beloved Miltank was gone. We looked, and put my name down for the shopping center lost and found, but nothing. I even looked in the local Cash Converters to see if they’d been traded in, and would buy it back!

Luckily, My boyfriend found out I can buy one online, and my game, holding my Miltank, can somehow work, and get it back.


{June 25, 2010}   Mending, War and Politics

I’m not usually one to care or even take notice of Politics, and usually vote for whoever looks like a nice person. But I’m really quite annoyied about this thing with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Thats all imma say about that.

On to War…. For CYBERTRON!!!!!!shiftone!!!! It’s good. I’m even taking time out of my Final Fantsy to play it. OMG! I love being a Scientist, because you transform into a jet, and go really fast, it’s so fun. 🙂

Next would be mending. I was out getting my War For Cybertron the other day, when I noticed a break in the wool of my uber awesome Rikku Scarf that I made. 😦 I few stitches were dropped, and I’m not sure how I’m going to mend it yet. It’s in the orange bit (of course, Orange sucks, and orange straws always have holes in them, so it was inevitable.)



{May 15, 2010}   Bayonetta

Ok, I got this game this week and have played a few hours worth. I had previously played the demo numerously, and had so much fun as I used Bayonetta’s avatar to bleed roses, and fart butterflies.

Upon playing the full version, I am yet to figure out whether this game has been designed to entertain males or females. One minute you’re  running and jumping, showing your crotch to the camera, and moaning… the next you are dancing to girly music, your target is a lip mark, and you grow butterfly wings when you jump.

I thought perhaps it may have been targeted at both audiences, to widen the marketing of the game, to appeal to all. If so, then I think they touched on extremes of both ways.

If anyone has any light to shed on this for me, please let me know.

{April 20, 2010}   Proud New Owner of Ps3!!!

NeilI finally joined with the forces of the millions of PS3 owners this week. I know, I had to go against all my beliefs and get a slimline, but my BF has been dishing out all he can, after what I said to him about his PS2 slimline.

I received God of War III with the console, which, although all my friends are jealous, isn’t on the top of my play list. That would be getting my Final Fantasy XIII game back to where I was on my Boyfriends console. Mind you the iView function is awesome, allowing me from watching my favorite shows in the comfort of a lounge chair, including my new discovery The Young Ones.



{March 16, 2010}   Final Fantasy Awesome

Well, I’ve played my new long-awaited game, Final Fantasy 13 and was pleasantly addicted. Unfortunately I can only play at my boyfriends house, preventing him from using his Ps3, but I’ve started saving for my own 😀

I have no idea how they remotely related the battle system to FF10 as it is the polar opposite- You don’t even control any other character than the leader, like in FF12, but the battle is a lot like The Last Remnant, another Square Enix game. Also the Battle theme is catchy enough to have everyone in the house humming it.

I like the way all the characters story’s intertwine, and the stories themselves are just good enough to forgive Vanille and Fang’s voices.

{March 6, 2010}   Final Fantasy 13

Yay, the long awaited sequel is finally coming!

I have mine pre-ordered, and can’t wait. I’m getting to limited edition with a soundtrack and some pics 😀

I’m curious to see this new battle system, as it said to be a cross between FF X and FF XII, which is basically completely opposite to each other. Like saying that its a cross between sky and land…

After looking at the Characters, my pre-Playing analysis concludes that Fang will be my favourite, along with the Chicobo that Sazh has.

et cetera