Stab In The Art

{May 17, 2011}   My Bears

So, Over the Easter break, I had a loverly bout of Laryngitis, and a chest infection. So as I usually do while I’m sick, I turn to craftwork to keep me busy. Also, I brought this teddy bear book, that I’d borrowed from the library many times, but finally found it in the shop. So I looked in my fabric stash, and found some short fur fabric, that we’d brought to make miniature bears with, but hadn’t gotten around to it.

The first one was the Purple bear. The fabric changed the grain every so often, so it wasn’t very nice, and the eyes were a bit too big.

Second was the red and white one. He’s made of a nice red floral fat quarter. I backed him with iron on interfacing, and changed the pattern a bit, by attaching the head and body pattern, and extending the head gusset down to the bottom of the body. Problems included fraying, the neck was too skinny and all the face threads couldn’t be hidden between the head and body.

Third was Spot. I enlarged the pattern on the computer, and used flannelette. For some reason, despite being the same pattern, the bears arms and legs were quite out of proportion to the body. And as you may notice, the eyes are strange. I couldn’t find any beads, or buttons, or bear eyes that would fit him, so I went for the strange look of wobbly eyes…

Next was the Cutie brown bear. I used a completely different pattern, which didn’t use soles or paw pads. The fabric was stretchy, but turned out ok, considering that I didn’t use iron on interfacing. One problem was the eyes that I chose, they were a lovely dark brown… before I’d arranged them properly, then they turned clear 😦 . I do like his nice Red business tie.

Fifth was the big one. The girl, on the left. First large bear. First fully dressed bear. First Plastic Safety Jointed Bear, and First Plastic Safety Eyed Bear. Fully hand-sewn. White.. with pink thread. I thought it would make it easier to sew. It was too furry, I couldn’t see the thread … Until it was turned and stuffed. *head desk* She’s gorgeous anyways. I also made the clothes myself – the skirt with some help ( the sewing machine hates me)

Last, so far, there’s Melbourne Bear. Red felt with blue blanket stitching on the outside, complete with blue neck bandana, copying the AFL Melbourne Jersey.


{March 6, 2011}   My Newly Found Love

Don’t worry, I haven’t left my boyfriend and eloped with the pool boy…. We don’t even have a pool.Pretty colours :D

But I have started collecting Copic Ciao Markers. OMG how awesome!!!! Ok, they are’t exclusively new, but they were new when I first planning on blogging about them.

For years I had seen the markers at anime conventions, advertised in the manga art books and on the net, but I hadn’t even picked them up, and I dreamed of collecting them, but I didn’t have the money. I wasn’t until I was talking to my mum, and said “I wish I could collect Copic Markers, But I’ve never had the money” She pointed out, that now I have money and I could Collect them. So that day I was going into town, so I brought my first five Markers. Three skin tones, a black and a colourless blender and so far I’ve brought two more everytime i’m in the city. So I have most basic colours so far, and I ‘ve had so much fun with them. (Incase you didn’t notice, my webcomic was coloured using them.)

It’s like drawing and painting rolled into one. A bit like drawing on the puter, without the electricity. Like Painting without the mess and colouring without lines when rendering. It’s so awesome, I love it! After looking at other peoples experiences, on the net, with Copic markers, all the feed back seems to be the same- love at first draw.

So if I actually stop buying them for two seconds, I can save up and buy them in bulk for cheaper, at the anime conventions, which would be good.

Anyways, peas out. 😛

I love gaming, and I love Cross stitch, so obviously this was the natural progression.

I made this pattern from sprite image myself, but there are sites you can get patterns from, like which is an awesome site.

Alternatively, you could do what i did. Open a sprite in paint, increase the image size by 500% and use blue to draw a grid onto the image, print, and stitch.

I wanted to turn this into a keyring, so I used Plastic canvas, and after I did the design, backed it with felt, and went around the edge in a matching colour. I had a problem with the corners showing, but all in all it looks ok.






{September 15, 2010}   Must be almost Christmas!

Not really, but I got some Christmas Knitting patterns from Spotlight and made a Santa. Yay. He’s so cute, although he’s a bit skinny, but it’s cool. I was thinking of trying the Reindeer next.

There was a couple of problems with the pattern though.

After waist shaping, it says for Mrs. Claus knit 7 rows of white in stocking st, but then goes straight on to neck shaping, Leaving out Poor Santa’s whole torso. So basing on the picture, I added two rows of black, and four rows of Red before neck shaping.

The other problem was with the hat. It says:

Shape Top: (K2, K2Tog) to end…21sts
Work 3 Rows of Stocking St.
K2Tog to end…7sts.
Work 5 rows

Now, anyone who passes maths should know that half of 21 isn’t 7, so I added another decrease row after 3 rows of the 5 rows.

Hope this helps, If anyone needs it.



{September 15, 2010}   I Love Wool

Most people who do needlework, usually has a favourite type of wool. I love wool, but my most favourite type is varigated wool!

I love the colours and guessing which will come next and if the colours match up with the row below and makes a pattern, it’s just fun. I love Knitting the most, and I can’t wait to get home and knit a patch to see the colours unfold, and every time you knit, and change needles or stitch, the pattern is different. It’s exciting.

Some of my Wool

Let me know what your favourie wool, fabric, material etc, is. If you don’t have a favourite, tell me about someont you knows favourite, or imagine what your favorite would be if you don’t have a favourite.

Alternatively, tell me how you’d feel if you were a piece of wool.

{June 25, 2010}   Mending, War and Politics

I’m not usually one to care or even take notice of Politics, and usually vote for whoever looks like a nice person. But I’m really quite annoyied about this thing with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Thats all imma say about that.

On to War…. For CYBERTRON!!!!!!shiftone!!!! It’s good. I’m even taking time out of my Final Fantsy to play it. OMG! I love being a Scientist, because you transform into a jet, and go really fast, it’s so fun. 🙂

Next would be mending. I was out getting my War For Cybertron the other day, when I noticed a break in the wool of my uber awesome Rikku Scarf that I made. 😦 I few stitches were dropped, and I’m not sure how I’m going to mend it yet. It’s in the orange bit (of course, Orange sucks, and orange straws always have holes in them, so it was inevitable.)



{March 23, 2010}   The Knitted cake is a lie!!!

I mean seriously… Firstly who would want to knit a cake in the first place? A cake that doesn’t give you sugar rush just isn’t worth it.

And where did they come from all of a sudden? about two weeks ago all these patterns for knitted cupcakes have been turning up… even in magazines I already own!!!

Weird I tells ya….Weird.

{March 16, 2010}   Artist’s Block of Dooob

For the last few months I’ve had terrible troubles just drawing. I’m not sure if its the lack of inspiration, ideas, or the pain/weakness in my hands lately. I’ve tried to get ideas, by all my usual methods… Looking in my scrapbooks, looking on the net, wet hair on the shower wall (weird, but effective) and I’ve written down every little idea in my book that I keep with me, and its mainly filled with shopping lists or craft ideas.

But where I’ve lacked in Art I’ve made up for in craft.

Apart from my massive pile of waiting craft projects, I have been working on a gradient/spectrum scarf which I’m half way through, a scarf for my Mum for Mother’s day, and had an awesome idea for a drawstring bag, which I really want to start ( although that’s how I came to having the massive pile of Craft Projects.) I’ll let y’all know when I’ve actually finished something. May be a while…

et cetera