Stab In The Art

{December 13, 2012}   The Universe Hates me

I don’t know why, it just does.

In the last year or so, I’ve been having hand cramps and problems. I finally got an appointment to see a Rhematologist and discovered I have Carpal Tunnel. Ugh. I had to quit uni because I could hardly draw for 10 minutes before the pain would come. So I have some wrist splints (as its in both hands) and havent discovered how to wear them both at the same time. Unfortunately they are boiling hot, made of wetsuit material, just in time for the extrordinary heat of Australia to have kicked in.

I’ve figured out it limits my movement, making it impossible to wear as I’m doing things as I’m meant to, so I wear it after, which cuts down recovery time.

So thats why I haven’t posted any new pics. I have been doing little bits of craft, now that I’m a house-non-wife and am home most of the time. Its kind of nice not having the pressure of uni assignments, but there is pressure that now I’m home all the time that I can suddenly clean, cook and fix everything. I had to quit my one day of uni because it was too much.

I feel so useless.


{February 25, 2012}   Wi #10

Is it just me? Whenever I buy the best armour for my character they are always mismatched or look horrible! Spose it reminds me to check what it looks like, in the future, before spending all my money on it.

Hope you like it 😀

{February 12, 2012}   Wix #….9!

Woo! I get heaps of ideas for these, but I don’t get to draw them as often as I’d like. Surprisingly although I havent been drawing much, my tablet pen nib needs changing again! Damn pixies using mah stuff. Anyways, On with the show!Happens to me every time. It tends to recognise me more while I’m eating or pulling funny faces.

{November 8, 2011}   Wixx #8

teehee ❤

{November 6, 2011}   Weixx #7

Just a small one. ❤

{November 5, 2011}   Webixx #6!

W00t! I has a graphics tablet nao! yaaay!

{August 25, 2011}   Webmixx #5

I’m supposed to be doing other things atm, so I’ll be quick!

Love ya’ll ❤

{August 11, 2011}   Webmixx #3 and #4

Long time, no see. I have been busy. I’m going to UNI now! YAY! So I’ve been going up and down loads of stairs, and eating, A lot. Apparently Study makes you hungry. Unfortunatly you eat just enough to negate the exercise of stair climbing, rendering weightloss impossibru.

Anyways, now that I have something to keep my mental abilities exercised, somehow, my art abilities are groaning to be nurtured. I’m not up to the art part of uni, yet, so after some nagging from one of the stars, I decided to concerntrate a bit on my webcomix.. or Webmixx as I’ve taken to calling it for short.

Considering adding them to my DeviantArt… What do you think?


Thanx for watching! ❤

{March 6, 2011}   My Newly Found Love

Don’t worry, I haven’t left my boyfriend and eloped with the pool boy…. We don’t even have a pool.Pretty colours :D

But I have started collecting Copic Ciao Markers. OMG how awesome!!!! Ok, they are’t exclusively new, but they were new when I first planning on blogging about them.

For years I had seen the markers at anime conventions, advertised in the manga art books and on the net, but I hadn’t even picked them up, and I dreamed of collecting them, but I didn’t have the money. I wasn’t until I was talking to my mum, and said “I wish I could collect Copic Markers, But I’ve never had the money” She pointed out, that now I have money and I could Collect them. So that day I was going into town, so I brought my first five Markers. Three skin tones, a black and a colourless blender and so far I’ve brought two more everytime i’m in the city. So I have most basic colours so far, and I ‘ve had so much fun with them. (Incase you didn’t notice, my webcomic was coloured using them.)

It’s like drawing and painting rolled into one. A bit like drawing on the puter, without the electricity. Like Painting without the mess and colouring without lines when rendering. It’s so awesome, I love it! After looking at other peoples experiences, on the net, with Copic markers, all the feed back seems to be the same- love at first draw.

So if I actually stop buying them for two seconds, I can save up and buy them in bulk for cheaper, at the anime conventions, which would be good.

Anyways, peas out. 😛

{May 7, 2010}   3-Year Old Picasso

What the hell!!?

I was watching the tv the other night, when the current affair show declares that they have found a girl that is able to make art, as good as Pablo Picasso, himself! Wow, she must be good. They told us that her parents have sold her works for up to $28,000 AUD. They then proceeded to show this 3 year old girl, pouring paint from the tubes on to canvases and sticking pom poms to it… -_-

I was Furious! In what way does that even relate to Picasso’s Life time of working, his education at the Academy of Arts in Madrid and creating a revolutionary art movement of cubism?!? Its an insult to Pablo and all artists, I think.

A lot of people think that the art of Picasso could have been done by a three year old, but, like Stienman in Bioshock, he spent many years following the crowd, learning how to draw before finding a way that projects his feelings best.



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