Stab In The Art

{May 17, 2011}   My Bears

So, Over the Easter break, I had a loverly bout of Laryngitis, and a chest infection. So as I usually do while I’m sick, I turn to craftwork to keep me busy. Also, I brought this teddy bear book, that I’d borrowed from the library many times, but finally found it in the shop. So I looked in my fabric stash, and found some short fur fabric, that we’d brought to make miniature bears with, but hadn’t gotten around to it.

The first one was the Purple bear. The fabric changed the grain every so often, so it wasn’t very nice, and the eyes were a bit too big.

Second was the red and white one. He’s made of a nice red floral fat quarter. I backed him with iron on interfacing, and changed the pattern a bit, by attaching the head and body pattern, and extending the head gusset down to the bottom of the body. Problems included fraying, the neck was too skinny and all the face threads couldn’t be hidden between the head and body.

Third was Spot. I enlarged the pattern on the computer, and used flannelette. For some reason, despite being the same pattern, the bears arms and legs were quite out of proportion to the body. And as you may notice, the eyes are strange. I couldn’t find any beads, or buttons, or bear eyes that would fit him, so I went for the strange look of wobbly eyes…

Next was the Cutie brown bear. I used a completely different pattern, which didn’t use soles or paw pads. The fabric was stretchy, but turned out ok, considering that I didn’t use iron on interfacing. One problem was the eyes that I chose, they were a lovely dark brown… before I’d arranged them properly, then they turned clear 😦 . I do like his nice Red business tie.

Fifth was the big one. The girl, on the left. First large bear. First fully dressed bear. First Plastic Safety Jointed Bear, and First Plastic Safety Eyed Bear. Fully hand-sewn. White.. with pink thread. I thought it would make it easier to sew. It was too furry, I couldn’t see the thread … Until it was turned and stuffed. *head desk* She’s gorgeous anyways. I also made the clothes myself – the skirt with some help ( the sewing machine hates me)

Last, so far, there’s Melbourne Bear. Red felt with blue blanket stitching on the outside, complete with blue neck bandana, copying the AFL Melbourne Jersey.


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