Stab In The Art

{September 15, 2010}   Must be almost Christmas!

Not really, but I got some Christmas Knitting patterns from Spotlight and made a Santa. Yay. He’s so cute, although he’s a bit skinny, but it’s cool. I was thinking of trying the Reindeer next.

There was a couple of problems with the pattern though.

After waist shaping, it says for Mrs. Claus knit 7 rows of white in stocking st, but then goes straight on to neck shaping, Leaving out Poor Santa’s whole torso. So basing on the picture, I added two rows of black, and four rows of Red before neck shaping.

The other problem was with the hat. It says:

Shape Top: (K2, K2Tog) to end…21sts
Work 3 Rows of Stocking St.
K2Tog to end…7sts.
Work 5 rows

Now, anyone who passes maths should know that half of 21 isn’t 7, so I added another decrease row after 3 rows of the 5 rows.

Hope this helps, If anyone needs it.




{September 15, 2010}   I Love Wool

Most people who do needlework, usually has a favourite type of wool. I love wool, but my most favourite type is varigated wool!

I love the colours and guessing which will come next and if the colours match up with the row below and makes a pattern, it’s just fun. I love Knitting the most, and I can’t wait to get home and knit a patch to see the colours unfold, and every time you knit, and change needles or stitch, the pattern is different. It’s exciting.

Some of my Wool

Let me know what your favourie wool, fabric, material etc, is. If you don’t have a favourite, tell me about someont you knows favourite, or imagine what your favorite would be if you don’t have a favourite.

Alternatively, tell me how you’d feel if you were a piece of wool.

{September 8, 2010}   Nerves, and PokeWalker Lament.

Tomorrow… Duh Duh Duuuhhhhnnnn….

I have a speech to give explaining that the course I have been doing lately has changed my life, and how I’m all happy now. I’m so nervous. Especially the last speech/ Public Speaking that I did was my year 7 Validictory Speech, so this is worrying. But I’m not backing out, I’m too strong for that, and I’d never forgive myself. So I’ll go in, nerves and all. I’ll be fine. I went to the dentist, I can do anything!

Now, about my PokeWalker. For those of you that have one, you would know that you can only get certain Pokemon on it, and the book says that only One PokeWalker can be synced, per game. So you would understand the horror I felt to look down at my belt to discover my Pokewalker, along with beloved Miltank was gone. We looked, and put my name down for the shopping center lost and found, but nothing. I even looked in the local Cash Converters to see if they’d been traded in, and would buy it back!

Luckily, My boyfriend found out I can buy one online, and my game, holding my Miltank, can somehow work, and get it back.


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