Stab In The Art

{June 25, 2010}   Mending, War and Politics

I’m not usually one to care or even take notice of Politics, and usually vote for whoever looks like a nice person. But I’m really quite annoyied about this thing with Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Thats all imma say about that.

On to War…. For CYBERTRON!!!!!!shiftone!!!! It’s good. I’m even taking time out of my Final Fantsy to play it. OMG! I love being a Scientist, because you transform into a jet, and go really fast, it’s so fun. 🙂

Next would be mending. I was out getting my War For Cybertron the other day, when I noticed a break in the wool of my uber awesome Rikku Scarf that I made. 😦 I few stitches were dropped, and I’m not sure how I’m going to mend it yet. It’s in the orange bit (of course, Orange sucks, and orange straws always have holes in them, so it was inevitable.)




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