Stab In The Art

{May 7, 2010}   3-Year Old Picasso

What the hell!!?

I was watching the tv the other night, when the current affair show declares that they have found a girl that is able to make art, as good as Pablo Picasso, himself! Wow, she must be good. They told us that her parents have sold her works for up to $28,000 AUD. They then proceeded to show this 3 year old girl, pouring paint from the tubes on to canvases and sticking pom poms to it… -_-

I was Furious! In what way does that even relate to Picasso’s Life time of working, his education at the Academy of Arts in Madrid and creating a revolutionary art movement of cubism?!? Its an insult to Pablo and all artists, I think.

A lot of people think that the art of Picasso could have been done by a three year old, but, like Stienman in Bioshock, he spent many years following the crowd, learning how to draw before finding a way that projects his feelings best.




I could understand if it the attention from the media were a form of praise or encouragement towards the little girl, but the fact that the parents sold works leads me to believe it wasn’t about the young girls “talent” but more so an easy way for them to make a small yet significant amount of money.

Any bets it went towards a new plasma TV, rather than the college tuition for the girl.

… anything to make a buck I guess.

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