Stab In The Art

{March 22, 2010}   Shock out of Artists Block

I was talking to a  rather new friend of mine, who also is part of the art world. He told me that he hasn’t put pencil to paper to properly draw in 2 years!!!! TWO years, I couldn’t imagine it, that’d be horrible, so when I got home, I promptly got out my sketchbook and played with some biros. Didn’t turn out too good, but I feel better for doing it. 🙂


“Your craftside has made you weak, padawan”

lol, I jest. You should draw more.

pyroclysm says:

I’ll just take back that knitted Deception Logo, the Sackboy and the Paper craft storm trooper then, if you feel that way ;P

Noooo! They’re mein!

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