Stab In The Art

{March 17, 2010}   Art Shops

Gah. It was pay day, so I decided I’d try buying something from an art shop, so that it might kick start some arty urges. So I go to this Art shop near where we were shopping. I’ve been to this shop plenty of times before, but always forget how sucky it is until I don’t go for a while, mind you it does have a massive range of cheap beads.

The main problem you face when you walk in, other than being attacked by beaded things dangling from the ceiling, is claustrophobia. Now I’m no expert on sizes, but I’d say that this shop is about 9 meters square. Within that space, it has four aisles full of almost any art implement you could think of, but all of it is just junked together, not only on shelves but on the floor, too, Making it next to impossible to find without asking. Which you don’t even bother.

The people behind the desk of that place are so rude and unhelpful, they are worse that teenagers being made to work for no money. And forget it if there is two people in the shop at the same time! Last thing I’m going to mention is the prices. No wonder they have so much stock! When someone actually buys something they’d have enough money to replace it three times over. We once asked the attendant why they didn’t move to a bigger store, and she said that they couldn’t be bothered moving all the stock, so we actually offered to help.

I brought a piece of paper with a two geisha on it for $2.55 and am less than inspired.


I always feel nervous in that shop cause I feel like I’m going to trip, fall and break something. Last thing I’d want is to give them an excuse for me to fork money over, haha.

Snoolio says:

I feel for ya. Been in a few computer shops that are exactly the same. One of them had old motherboards stacked up in the corner that they’ve most likely been meaning to recycle since about 1980. Actually you could probably make some cool stuff out of old motherboards. I’ve probably got enough old motherboards to build some kind of art. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything.

pyroclysm says:

You could always combine your love of Duct tape to the motherboard-art… Thus making it shinier and a little bit more special…

snoolio says:

lol. Yes I’m defiantly going to work on that!

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