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{February 24, 2010}   Lucky Star Jar

My lucky star jar.You know that thing where you get a wish if you fill a jar with folded paper stars? Well about a year and a half ago, as I have bad health, decided that I would try wishing for good health. Most people look to God in this situation. I look to hundreds strips of folded paper in a glass container.

I could have chosen a smaller jar, but I figure that it’s a large thing to ask for, but now that I’ve gotten only one third full (I only do a few at a time), I realise that it’s no bigger than asking for a pony, which people wish for by just blowing out a few candles. Maybe I should have invested my time in candle making.





You really should finish that. It’ll be good to see the full jar 🙂

pyroclysm says:

I’m workin’ on it…

snoolio says:

You should try make stars out of duct tape, they’d be shinier. Also, I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that duct tape is better at granting wishes than paper. lol.

snoolio says:

Yeah, I’ve probably got a thing about duct tape. haha.

pyroclysm says:

I do have shiny ones, and fluoro ones and glow in the dark ones too 🙂

I tried wabbit tape, but it was the wrong season.

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